You don’t have any kind of magic;
I carry the curse.

Can’t give you more power,
so I’ll just blame myself.

The thorn feels no pleasure 
when it punctures,

and it is the fault of my finger
for lingering too closely.

A different type of double-edged sword:
one side cuts me,
and the other cuts for you.

Sunday Jun 29 @ 01:41pm


Have you ever seen brown eyes in the sun? You don’t always notice it at first but you’ll see that ‘brown’ no longer describes them. They melt into golden rays, circling an eclipse. There’s nothing boring about brown eyes, not even when the later hours encroach; they just turn into a sunset of their own. 

Tuesday Jun 24 @ 02:16pm
On Leaving

Eventually you all leave.
Or I do.

It’ll always be too soon

until I leave time behind.

Tuesday Jun 24 @ 02:09pm
vous n’achetez pas un aller simple

I am just another destination.
another stop on the round trip.

Halfway around the world on my hips,
cottons to silks, nylon to satin.

I am a faraway land,
warm breeze and sweet smells.

But amidst all the dips and swells,
there’s only one line legible on your hand,

"Thank you, but I must go home."

Monday Jun 23 @ 03:30pm

sometimes we are lions
sometimes we are sponges

But more often than not there
are no metaphors for humans.

For when we are ravenous,
even as Dionysus we have a blurred 
vision and our hands reach for

things and forms and you.

You, and You, and you. 

And parallel lines like perfection
don’t even make eye contact.

Looking for eternity in
the spawns of infinity

and we want everything
and the all-in-one.

And you lie awake open.
And you are everyone.
And there are no metaphors for that.

Monday Jun 23 @ 03:04pm

And they are suffocating,
the words keep coming and 
they flood my eyes and ears.

And you are too scarce,
I can hardly catch a glance.

Rib cage swelling in hopes of catching something it needs.

This must be what drowning feels like.

Monday Jun 23 @ 02:52pm

And one month later you were a different person.
And I fell in love again.

Wednesday Jun 11 @ 10:27am
I think I have everything I want. When I want beer, I drink beer. When I want vodka, I drink vodka. When I want you, I drink vodka. (via siriusly-syd) Wednesday Jun 4 @ 10:22pm

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