You don’t want my depths;
you want the surface where
the sun warms my smile.

If you dig deep enough you
might find that eternal joy
within my core,

but you’ll drown before 
you see the light.

Tuesday Apr 22 @ 06:57pm

The desires I have are rooted
in the shifting sands,
so when I put my wants to
action I often find myself
in a deep valley once
the sand has been displaced.

What are you doing down there

Don’t pay attention to me,
this happens all the time.

Tuesday Apr 22 @ 06:54pm

And when you try to replace
a mountain with an anthill,
you know it’s wrong.

But you want it to be enough.

Tuesday Apr 8 @ 01:56am

History repeats itself,
yet it is still so hard to 
prepare ourselves.

In an ocean of voices
we only get a trickle.

When the cycle restarts,
it hits as a whole,
but the only memory we have
is whatever water the survivors 
manage to cough up.

Monday Mar 31 @ 07:02pm

Rome fell,
and it must have felt less
painfully prolonged,
than the way in which
I am taking us apart
piece by

When Rome collapsed,
it was sublime.
We are just tragic, and our time is up.

Sunday Mar 16 @ 12:10pm
appreciation after assimilation

I remember when there were months we wouldn’t talk at all. I wouldn’t even miss you. Then we would eventually talk and of course, the love I felt for you glowed strong like the embers at the base of a campfire. There were times when I doubted. A lot. If i really loved you as much as I believed I did, should I not miss your absence every second?

I remember when there were hours when I would pine for him. I would have just seen him the other day but I would already want more. I would be there at any hour in any time frame. I felt for him like the tongues of a fire lap at the open air. I felt tired of holding my breath.

I remember when there would never be anyone I missed. They all became like you, external pieces of my being. Living and loving when my attention was away and doing just the same, but more brightly in my eyes, when my attention was present. Whole in themselves but parts of my life. Each part, the whole, and each whole, a part. I didn’t miss them, but I never stopped loving. I stopped caring if they were zero or thousands of kilometres away. I stopped caring if they talked to me everyday or never. Actions speak, but we should really be feeling for the truth.

Friday Mar 14 @ 12:54am
How It Usually Works

When you never asked to be loved
and I only asked to be loved back
we have everything to work out
but no words will be said.

Friday Mar 14 @ 12:22am

Loving someone unconditionally
and respecting yourself
can go hand-in-hand.

Sometimes, loving is leaving,
backing away.

Loving is waiting it out and giving space,
being there, but not always so close.

Love is being there to catch someone
when they don’t know to reach out.

When they don’t think they can.

Loving is staying.
Not always in sight.

Monday Mar 10 @ 01:01am

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